December 1998 Babies Quilt

In a burst of enthusiasm and insanity, the December 1998 Moms have decided to create keepsake quilts. Each quilt will have one square from every participating family, plus a page from each family with more fun information.

The general theme is creativity and the finished size is 7 in / 17.5 cm (from 8 in / 20cm squares of cut fabric). Other than that, you can let your imagination and ingenuity run wild - colors, patterns, embellishments, paints, etc

The basic idea is this: you create 26 squares and pages, you mail them to one central person, and you get back one square and page from yourself and everyone else on the quilt list. Cool, huh? Note that the number of squares has changed. It used to be 25 squares, then 24 and now it is 26. It won't change again.

Our tentative deadline for the exchange is September 30 (we will adjust this if necessary, so don't get discouraged). The schedule for making the squares into a quilt is up to you ;-)

"Official" Instructions

Other References

Get Inspiration from Other Months' Quilts

And be reassured that, no matter how inexperienced you are, your quilt cannot possibly be as ugly as the winners of the ugly quilt contest ;-)

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A Giant Thank You goes out to the September 1996 Quilting Project. Most of the general information comes from their fabulous web site. Without their 'stuff', our site would be rather sparse.

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