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1. Feeding
At age 15 months, what does your baby eat and drink in a typical day?Number:Percent:
(not entered)513%
12-20 oz of milk 8 oz water juice.
cereal, gerber graduation fruits. crackers, cheerios, for lunch, grilled cheese, luncheon meat, pasta, etc. For dinner it varies, some veggies, sometimes pasta, sometimes chicken or meat, depending on lunch.
16-24 oz whole milk
Two 6 oz cups water w/juice
5-10 crackers
1-2 fruit (esp. orange, banana, apple chunks)
1-2 oz meat
2-3 oz tofu
1 pkg fruit bites
1 oz cheese
a bit of yogurt
1-3 oz vegetables (esp. green beans, carrots)
2- 6oz.cups of milk
breastfeeds 3-4 times
oatmeal or a scrabled egg for breaskfast usually with toast
veggies and tofu dogs or cheese for lunch
dinner is whatever we're eating or a Gerber Graduate microwave meal
she usually has a snacks on crakers and juice in the afternoon or cookies and juice.
24 oz whole milk, 8 oz juice (undiluted), 8 oz water12%
3 - 8 oz bottles of milk, 3 - 8 oz bottles of watered down juice, crackers, apple pieces etc... usually whatever we eat12%
B'fast: 1 banana, 4 oz yoghurt, 4 oz milk
Snack: Crackers, prunes and cheese and water
Lunch: 6 oz Canned peaches and pears, full sandwich, water
Snack: Cookies and 4 oz milk
Dinner: a lot of whatever we have!
6 oz milk before bed
Breakfast - bowl of oatmeal baby cereal with baby food fruit, some cheerios, fruit loops, or chex type of cereal.
AM snack - cheese and crackers or cinnamon toast or graham crackers and fruit along with a sippy cup of milk
Lunch - main dish (pizza, chicken and dumplings, beef and noodles etc,) fruit and veggies, sippy cup of milk
PM snack - plain whole yogurt with baby food fruit to make it taste better
Dinner - fruit (mango, pear, apple etc.) while we cook dinner then what we have such as chicken, rice, and veggie or if we have something she doesn't eat she will get mac/cheese and whatever else we have around and a sippy cup of milk
Evening snack - she usually grazes all evening long on things such as cheerios, more yogurt, goldfish, etc. along with a sippy cup of milk.
Still wakes sometimes at night for a bottle of milk.
Breakfast -- cold or hot cereal, 4-5 oz. milk
Lunch -- cheese cubes, crackers, toast, bread or bagel, 3 oz pureed fruit or chunky veggies, 5-6 oz. milk, occasionally meat, like ham or turkey.
Snack--yogurt or applesauce, graham crackers w/peanut butter, 3-4 oz milk
Dinner -- whatever we eat--usually a meat, veggie and bread, plus 5-6 oz. milk.
Also usually has 3-4 oz juice or water sometime during the day.
Breakfast-toast, Cheerios, fruit, 8 oz. juice
Lunch-mac&cheese, 1/2 jar of fruit, crackers, milk
Dinner-usually whatever we eat, not very much
Has anywhere from 24-32 oz. of whole milk/day, 16 oz. of juice
Each day varies--eats lots more at the sitter's than she does at home!!
Breakfast: Cereal with whole milk, toast & butter
Fruit juice(watered)
Lunch: Cheese sandwhich, chips Banana, water
Dinner: Mac & Cheese, hot dog, Banana, maybe mixed fruit, Juice(watered)
2 snacks a day
Breakfast: Cheese toast, yogurt and 1/2 a banana (if Mommy is feeding) or oatmeal and milk (if Daddy if feeding)

Lunch: Milk, chicken nuggets OR pasta OR a sandwich with fruit and crackers

Snack: Juice and crackers

Dinner: cereal mixed with fruit and applesauce, bites of whatever we are feeding, Milk
Breakfast: Iron-enriched baby cereal with soymilk - 1 cup. Wholegrain toast spread with yeast extract. snack: Rice crackers Lunch: 1-2 cups of table food plus some fresh fruit and yoghurt: grapes, melon, orange, etc are favurites. Snack: sultanas/dates Dinner: bits and pieces: pasta, fish, peas, corn....12%
Breakfast: milk, cereal with fruit, toast or waffle
Lunch: pasta, sandwich or soup, vegetable, milk
Dinner: whatever we're having, or pasta or stew if he can't eat what we're eating
Snacks: cheerios, apple cookies, crackers, fruit and juice

Breast Milk, Toast, Orange Juice, Bananas, Peanut Butter, Pasta, Carrots12%
Breastmilk, whole milk in a sippy cup, cereal, scrambled eggs and/or a bagel with cream cheese at breakfast; snacks usually include some type of fruit - especially bananas or apple or grapes; at lunch he loves macaroni and cheese, sandwiches, soup, just about anything!; and at dinner he shares whatever the family is having. His diet is extremely varied.12%
Cow's milk-18-24 ounces
cheerios, bagel, oatmeal, banana, orange, apple, mango, blueberries, peas, green beans, pretzels, goldfish, some type of soup or casserole, pasta, corn. grapes, cheese, fruit and grain bar, yoghurt
Here's a typical day's food. This has changed a lot in just the past few days, and it is still changing.

7-8am - Baby wakes up and has a big nursing session
8:something - Baby sits in his high chair and has a few Cheerios and maybe some pieces of cheese. He doesn't generally eat much now.
10am - Baby is starvacious! This has recently switched from a nursing session into a drink of whole milk in a sippy cup. Today it dawned on me to give him some solids at this feeding too. He ate a lot of crackers (4 or 5 crackers) with cream cheese spread on them. I thought about giving him some kind of vegetable or fruit too, but didn't.
Maybe soon!
11am-12noon - Baby nurses down for his nap.
1pm-2pm - Baby wakes up from his nap. He needs a little time to rev up (which is an ideal time to clip his fingernails if they need it -- he is very peaceable and floppy after his nap). Then he has lunch. Lunch is typically an assortment of foods -- crackers, Cheerios, matchsticks of mozzerella cheese, peas (which he ignores), and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time (eg. super-thin matchsticks of raw carrot; hummus on the crackers, etc.).
4:ish - I think we must nurse another time someplace in there.
5:30pm-ish - Baby and I share a snack. I cut an apple into matchsticks. He adores apples! I also offer mozzerella cheese sticks and maybe Cheerios or crackers.
7-7:30pm - Dinner: As of a couple of days ago, baby usually gets whatever we are having for dinner, cut up into little pieces if needed. If we are eating something that isn't suitable for a baby, I'll give him toast with cream cheese and bits of suitable parts of what we are eating, and, again, assorted bits of cheese, vegetables, crackers, etc.
He might nurse after this.
9-10pm: Baby nurses to sleep.
Through the night: Baby nurses on demand, which could be anything from 2 feedings (last night only 1!) to quite a few.

I'm sure I've missed a bunch of nursings and sippy cups of milk and water throughout that listing. We typically use 2-4 sippy cups in a day, some for milk and some for water.
Lots of Calcium fortified OJ, a bowl of fruit,
soup or stew for lunch, cereal for breakfast,
finger foods such as fish/chicken for dinner
Morning: nursing.
Breakfast: waffle, little of my cereal, some
yoghurt and/or fruit.
Snack: crackers and/or fruit.
Lunch: bread, leftover dinner, apples,
cheese/meat... depends.
Snack: goldfish, or crackers, sometimes fruit.
Dinner: whatever I cook- he likes potatoes and
Nursing about twice during the day, at bedtime,
and in the middle of the night.
Also drinks water during the day and sometimes a
bit of orange j
Nurses about 6x in 24 hr, several cups of whole milk, about a cup of rice chex, cheese, and pieces of whatever anyone else is eating.12%
Nurses morning and evening. Breakfast of scrambled eggs or pancakes at Grandma's. Lunch is whatever Grandma makes for herself and Grandpa, and dinner is whatever mom makes. She drinks whatever is offered - usually milk or water, sometimes juice, and then, of course, breastmilk. Between meals, she'll snack on goldfish crackers, cookies, fruit, teddy grahams, etc. 12%
On Waking 200ml milk from a bottle
Breakfast= 2 Weetbix with milk, sometimes with fruit as well
Morning Tea = A banana
Lunch = 2 slices of bread with various toppings e.g. cheese, marmite, avocado, tomato, egg. Followed by a pot of yoghurt
Afternoon Tea= 1-2 dry crackers
Dinner = Anything really. Regular food,no baby food. Could be a pasta dish or rice dish. Not overly excited by potato. Loves fish fingers, chicken nuggets and beefburgers. Followed by 150ml milk from a bottle.
She drinks 2 cups of milk, 1 of apple or grape juice and water (still nurses a little, too). She eats cereal or breakfast bars and fruit in the morn. and for lunch and/or dinner she'll eat ham or a hot dog or pizza, string cheese, more fruit (usually consists of apple, grape, banana or pineapple), bread sticks or pretzels sticks or gold fish or crackers (depending on what she is in the mood for that day). Her diet is not my personal preference but she is and has been a strictly finger foods only baby since 10 mos. She does not like to take food from a spoon and does not like to try anything new! (NO veggies either!) She gets a daily vitamin to make up for the lack in quality foods she enjoys eating....(she got her daddy's eating habits :-))12%
Start out with 6 oz milk and some kind of breakfast food (either .5 waffle, .5 poptart, cheerio's + milk, warm cereal. A cup of juice or water and a cup of fruit as a midmorning snack. At noon another 6 oz cup of milk and .5 slice of bread with either lunchmeat or peanutbutter or cheese. Midafternoon snack some crackers. At 4 pm another 6 oz cup of milk and at 6 pm dinner time. Normally she eats whatever we eat. If she hates it (like bbq - which I don't like her eating this anyway) she gets a jar of babyfood. During the day she has cups of drink available at all times. And that's pretty much it. The day just described is a very good day if she eats it all, normally she won't.12%
Varies from day to day. Right now he likes to throw his food a lot so not much goes in. Generally has regular meals with the family but adapted for his ages.12%
What he eats varies greatly from day to day. Some days it seems that he eats all day long, and others he hardly eats. he eats all table food (except nuts and honey) and doesn't seem to be reacting to anything. Some of the favorites include yoghurt, grilled cheese sandwhiches, pancakes, soyjuice, and green beans12%
breakfast - 1/2 cup of cereal
snack - chicken fingers, or some other food that we have to eat.
lunch - size 3 jar of baby food
snack - noodles, chicken, hamburger, or whatever else we're eating,
dinner - 1/2 cup cereal

throughout the day - pudding, crackers, yogurt, ice cream, etc.

drinks about 6 oz of milk, 3 oz watered juice, and water throughout the day.
breakfest, lunch, dinner, two snacks12%
breast milk 2-3 times, water, waffle, cereal, yogurt, cheese, cereal bar, fruit (esp pineapple) bits of our dinner (usually the rice/pasta). Small amounts of most foods but rare meat and not too many vegs unless they are hidden in a casserole12%
breastmilk, Cheerios, bread, banana, crackers and soup/chili, juice, cow's milk, and whatever the adults have for dinner12%
eggs or cereal for breakfast graham crackers for a morning snack. a whole p&j sandwich and some cheese for lunch. A piece of fruit for a snack. Dinner only if it is noodles or potatoes other wise he is pretty content ant dinner to just drink milk or juice.12%
multi-grain crackers
PF goldfish
apple slices
whole cow's milk
rice milk
Ramen noodles
Rice chex, multi-grain chex

If you breastfed your baby, were you still breastfeeding at age 15 months?Number:Percent:
(not entered)410%

If so, until how many months of age do you intend to continue?Number:Percent:
baby-led weaning1129%
(not entered)1951%

If baby was breastfed but is weaned, how many months old was the baby at weaning?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2362%

If child is weaned, what was the reason why?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2362%
Didn't work out.12%
He discontinued himself, preferred a bottle.12%
He started to bite me....HARD!12%
He stopped himself after I went away from him for three days and he was on bottled breast milk. He then no longer would take the breast at all.12%
He was very large and voracious and ate constantly - I could not keep up supply! I worked part-time so it was difficult. He was also eating table foods by this time. And TEETH came in at 5 months!!!12%
I returned to work and could not keep up supply12%
Mom's medical problems at 5-6 months meant milk supply just never seemed to recover.12%
Mommy was too sick to continue!!12%
Self weaned over a 3 week period between 14 and 15 months.12%
She stopped coming to me to nurse, and when I tried she would take a few sips and stop, so I quit trying.12%
Was supplementing with formula and he weaned himself.12%
i got pregnant, had planned to continue but about 3 months into the pregnancy he started telling me it was yucky. I suppose the taste changed to him.12%
went back to work.12%

Comments about weaning?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2567%
Can't imagine that he will give it up any time
soon, he loves it! Not sure what I'll do if he
wants to continue for a long time, don't want to
be nursing a 3-year old but I love nursing h
I am still a bit sad about weaning. It was MUCH easier than I had anticipated, I think this was due to following his lead totally. We went straight to sippy cups and have by-passed bottles all together12%
I did not want to but when I felt I was pushing him more for me than his benefit, I stopped.12%
I missed B/F to start with, but then I realized I had my body back for the first time in 3 Years12%
I wanted to have her weaned around 12 mos. but she is not willing to give it up!12%
I would like to wean by 18mths but he is resistant and I am not persistent enough!12%
It was easy, probably because he was already eating one bottle a day at bedtime.12%
It was not a problem for either of us.12%
Up until a few days ago this sounded impossibly far away, but now it is beginning to sound like it might one day actually happen.12%
Very easy and stress-free12%
When I first new she was slowing down on the nursing and pretty much quiting I'd let her nurse whenever she wanted to try. After she hadn't nursed for 3 weeks straight, I made sure she didn't see me without a top on so she wouldn't want to nurse because I was afraid she wouldn't get anything and be upset. Now she doesn't seem to care if when she sees them.12%
mixed emotions - sad yet happy. I miss the fact that I was the one she ran to all the time for comfort yet I am happy that she doesn't just see me as a breast anymore.12%

If you formula-fed your baby, did your child still take a bottle at 15 months?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2362%

If yes, how many bottles per day?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2875%

How many ounces per day?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2978%

At age 15 months, did your baby know how to drink from a regular cup?Number:Percent:
if an adult holds it2156%
(not entered)12%

...a sippy cup?Number:Percent:
if an adult helps25%

...a straw?Number:Percent:
if an adult helps410%
(not entered)25%

At 15 months, was your baby on cups only (no bottles or breastfeeding)?Number:Percent:
(not entered)410%

Comments about drinking?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1951%
Baby has only figured out how to drink from a spillproof sippy cup in the past few days. It definitely still works better if an adult helps. But it's a real relief that the baby can now handle it on his own.12%
Gets the bedtime bottle, but only drinks from a cup or sippy cup at other times12%
He does extremely well with a sippy cup or a Rubbermaid juice-box type cup with a straw.12%
He still only likes breast milk (in it's original container ;-) ) and water from a cup. No milk or juice12%
Jake doesn't have any bottles, only breastfeeding OR milk or juice from aa sippy cup12%
Jake still loves his nightime bottle, and when/if he wakes during the night. All other times he will drink from a sippy cup, especially his brothers :)12%
James will drink flavored milk out of a sippy cup, but only flavored. Regular milk HAS to be in a bottle or he just hands it back to me.12%
Nicholas still takes his milk from a bottle, but can use a cup12%
No bottles, but still breastfeeding12%
One night-time bottle12%
Other than milk mainly drinks water. Only had juice occasionally.12%
She drinks water from bottles when we can't get her to drink anything else. She doesn't really drink formula any more. She usually has a bottle when going to bed and taking nap, other than that it's only if I feel she hasn't had much to drink.12%
She loves to drink out of a straw but most commonly has a sippy cup.12%
She uses sippy cups and sports bottles to drink from. She never took a bottle, but she still breastfeeds.12%
We make sure there is a sippy cup full of water available at all times, and we offer milk or watered down juice at meal/snack time. 12%
We still have to hold regular cups for him, which probably means we don't offer them as often as we should.12%
We're working on weaning from the bottle at the present time.12%
still gets a bottle if wakes during the night and in the afternoon if really fussy for a nap.12%

Is your baby a vegetarian?Number:Percent:
(not entered)38%

How many months old was baby when you started solids? (For this question 'solids' means 'any food other than formula or breastmilk')Number:Percent:

How many months old was baby when you started finger foods?Number:Percent:
(not entered)25%

Comments about food?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1848%
Collin eats everything - no food allergies. He eats more than me at times!!!12%
Definitely interested in food. Rarely do I have to make a special entree for him, he can eat most of what we eat.12%
He decided that finger food was better than being fed very early on.12%
He eats a fairly 'health food' type of diet, as do we. He seems to like strongly salty flavours like olives, but the few times he's had very sweet food he's loved that too.12%
He loves it! We still have issues with certain veggies that seem to make his diaper rash saga worse, but he loves them all.12%
He'll try almost anything!12%
He's a picky eater and mainly likes fruit and crackers12%
I was reluctant to start food, but He was obviously ready. I was worried about allergies and going to down the path of people offering him all kinds of food. He is a great eater now though.12%
It's a constant struggle getting Kayleigh to eat. She's definitely got a mind of her own!12%
Jacob loves all food.12%
Jake can be difficult about food, but as long as we don't introduce anything new too often, then we are ok. Veggies and fruit are still a sore subject12%
Jake loves to eat and eats alot.12%
Loves it!!12%
Megan likes meat, but doesn't get a ton of it. She'll eat chicken, turkey, ham and steak (if it's very tender). Roast beef is a hit too. 12%
Started rice cereal with breastmilk at 4 mths to supplement a dwindling milk supply rather than adding bottles12%
Was once a 'bad' eater - didn't eat much and was
picky, but is quite a good eater now. I found that
the key was to recognise when he was hungry, not
try feeding him too late when he was tired, and
offer frequent snacks during the day. And
introduce new foods in a novel environ
We gave first solids at five months but he was probably closer to 7-8 months before he ate much at all. Even now he will go days where he eats almost no solids and depends on breastmilk.12%
he never liked baby food12%
loved cheerios from the very start12%

2. Teeth
At age 15 months, how many teeth does your baby have?Number:Percent:

How many months old was your baby when his or her first tooth came in?Number:Percent:
(not entered)38%

What sequence did the teeth arrive in? (Terminology note: The front 8 teeth are called incisors, the four pointy ones beyond that are canines, and the flat-topped teeth beyond the canines are molars.)Number:Percent:
(not entered)616%
1st- bottom center incisors, 2nd- top center incisors, and 3rd- working on completion of outer top 2 incisors.12%
2 lower incisors, 2 upper incisors, left then right upper outer incisor, left lower incisor, now cutting upper and lower left molars12%
2 top front, 2 bottom front,2 top either side, 2 bottom either side.12%
3 on bottom, then 3 on top.12%
8 regular, two canies, 1 molar12%
All incisors came in first. Then his first molar came through a few weeks ago. He is currently cutting his second molar on the lower right side.12%
Bottom 2 incisors, top 2 incisors, incisors next to top teeth, molar on top right. There's another molar that's been showing through for 5 months, but hasn't cut right through yet.12%
Bottom incisors, top incisors, molars and canines at the same time.12%
Bottom two front, top two front, top side incisors, lower side incisors.12%
Bottom, front incisors. Top front incisors. Top side incisors. Bottom side incisors. Top molars. Bottom molars.12%
Got six of the eight incisors within a couple months of each other. Within the last 2 weeks got 3 molars.12%
He got the bottom 2 middle incisors first, followed by the upper 2 middle incisors. Then the remaining upper and lower incisors followed very quickly. He is still working on all 4 molars and there is no sign of the canines as of yet.12%
Incisors (top right took a LONG time!) and then 2
Jake has all incisors in and 4 molars 1 on top and 1 on bottom on each side12%
Pretty random: Some incisors, part of a molar, more incisors, the rest of that molar, more incisors, part of another molar.12%
The 2 bottom front, then the 2 top front, then the rest of the incisors very quickly, then skip one tooth back, those teeth, all four, at once.12%
Top 2 center incisors at once, then bottom 2 center incisors, one at a time, but in close succession, then rightmost bottom and top incisors (in that order, but close together).12%
bottom 2 central incisors 6mo
top 2 central incisors 6 1/2mo
top lateral incisors 8mo
left lateral incisor 9mo
left bottom front molar 10 1/2 mo
left top front molar 11mo
right bottom lateral incisor and front molar 11 1/2mo
top right front molar 12mo
bottom canines and top left canine at 14mo
top right canine 15mo
bottom centrals, then top outer incisors, then top central incisors12%
bottom front two incisors than the top two than two on either side on top and bottom, then molars12%
bottom left center incisor (1 year exactly)
bottom right center incisor (next day)
top right molar (14 months)
top left center incisor
top left molar
bottom ones first, then top-outside incisors, middle top next, and then one outside bottom incisor.12%
bottom two, top two, outside top incisors, outside bottom incisors, bottom molars, top molars, top canines, one bottom canine.12%
first came the 8 incisors, then the first four molars12%
first the bottom 2 incisors, than the top 2 incisors followed by bottom incisors and the top incisors. The bottom 2 molars are completely through at this time. No sign of the canines yet.12%
incisors, a couple of molars, then canines.12%
incisors, molars, canines12%
the top right front tooth, top left front tooth, bottom left front tooth, and bottom right front tooth.12%
top front then bottom front.12%
two bottom centre, four top centre, two bottom next to centre12%
two bottom incisors, then two top, then two more on bottom and one more on top12%

How long is your baby typically unhappy before each new non-molar tooth comes in.Number:Percent:
not at all513%
a few hours25%
1 day410%
2 days616%
3-5 days924%
6-12 days12%
2 weeks38%
3 weeks25%
4 weeks12%
(not entered)410%

What teething remedies seem to help your child?Number:Percent:
(not entered)513%
Advil, Tylenol, Teething tablets12%
Baby Tylenol, Hylands.12%
Baby ibuprofen. And sometimes Baby Orajel for a quick but short-lived fix.12%
Breastfeeding and painkillers.12%
Have occasionally used Panadol (tylenol).12%
He is a very stoic baby, no teething remedies
Hyland homeopathic teething tablets, Tylanol, & Oragel12%
Hyland's teething tablets, frozen teething rings12%
I can't always tell if he's unhappy because of teething or just cranky for some reason. Tylenol seems to help, as do the Hyland's teething tablets. He doesn't like to chew on teethers, but will chew on his toothbrush, fingers, or spoons.12%
Motrin and ice poles12%
Motrin, tylenol, cold washclothes, orajel12%
None needed12%
Some tylenol and a iced teething ring.12%
Teething tablets, teething ring, tylenol.12%
Tylenol - Thick nighttime formula Oragel12%
Tylenol helps to ease the pain12%
ear plugs12%
everything in the mouth12%
freezies, frozen face clothes12%
frozen foods
teething ring
children's motrin
he's not generally too upset about it, but I give him Motrin if he's walking frequently.12%
hyland teething tablets seemed to help a little bit. We usually use motrin and tylenol along with half frozen wash cloths.12%
hylands teething tablets12%
icecold food, nursing, tylonal12%
she loves to pick up the Hyland's teething tablets and eat them. I don't know if they really help or just the concentration of picking them up takes her mind off of it and stops the crying for awhile. Tylenol at night.12%
tylenol and ibuprofin12%
tylenol, ibuprofen12%
when she gets a little fussy a teething ring or other cold items seem to help, if she is becoming really miserable I'll help her out with some tylenol.12%

Comments about teeth?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2362%
Can't believe she has so many already, I can't remember that toothless smile anymore.12%
Dominique is not 'unhappy' at all if the teeth appear in her lower jaw, it's the top jaw that is bothering her.12%
Glad to know lots of kids have a space between their top middle teeth.12%
Her teeth (esp. the most recent) take a long time to completely come out. She had puffy gums on her 1 yr. b-day on 12/6 and the 2nd of the two is still only partially out!12%
I am just glad he finally got some :-) I am not looking forward to the rest coming in as it seems to hurt him quite a bit12%
I really had no idea how unhappy because we blamed everything on teething from about month 5 yet the first teeth did not come until she was one.12%
I wish it were over :)12%
I wish they would come in much more quickly and easily!12%
Non-molar teething was insignificant, really--he didn't get very fussy, in retrospect, nor was he a drooler--not at all.12%
Seems way too easy here!12%
They are really sharp. Also, there may be more teeth but it's hard to feel around when your finger is being bitten!12%
Why do they have to have so darn *many* of them?12%
the first teeth were no problem but the molars made him VERY unhappy12%
very sharp, like puppy teeth (;12%

3. Locomotion
How many months old was your baby when he or she started rolling over?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

How many months old was your baby when he or she was able to sit up unsupported?Number:Percent:
more than 812%
(not entered)410%

How many months old was your baby when he or she was able to get into a sitting position without help?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1027%

How many months old was your baby when he or she started pulling up to standing?Number:Percent:
(not entered)924%

If your baby has started crawling, how many months old was he or she when she started?Number:Percent:
(not entered)513%

How many months old was your baby when he or she started cruising?Number:Percent:
(not entered)513%

If your baby has started taking unassisted steps, how many months old was he or she when this started?Number:Percent:
(not entered)38%

If your baby has started walking, how many months old was he or she when she started?Number:Percent:
(not entered)410%

If baby is walking, how many weeks did it take from baby's first steps until walking was baby's primary way of getting around?Number:Percent:
more than 838%
(not entered)410%

Comments about locomotion?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2156%
Finally walking!12%
From the time that she started taking her first steps she hasn't crawled anymore.12%
He is running now and my life has taken on a whole new meaning!12%
He took first steps at ten months, then did the crusing thing for a few weeks. then he started really walking and hasn't stopped.12%
He was a "late bloomer" on crawling and walking, compared to my husband and his brothers and sisters (who all walked by 10 months) but he walked quicker than I did as a baby--I walked at 14-15 months.12%
He was a late starter, didn't really start moving much till 8 mths, which had me very worried - but I needn't have been.12%
Jacob runs, and he's pretty dang quick, too.12%
Jake no longer walks....he runs12%
Just now starting to master going down inclines. i think being able to play outside really helps.12%
She discovered unsupported sitting and crawling at the same time. 2 weeks later she began pulling up and was content to cruise for the next 4 mos. before she got motivated to do it with out any assistance.12%
She was a late crawler, but crawled very well and walked on time.12%
Still half walking and half crawling.12%
is into everything, running is great fun, especially running after the cat. Baby proofing still in existance with baby number 1.12%
it was so cool to watch those first few drunken steps, and amazing how fast he went from that to running!12%
once it started, it never stopped12%
walked earlier than I expected and once started within two days was very good at it.12%

4. Speech
At age 15 months, has your baby used baby signs?Number:Percent:

At age 15 months, approximately how many different signs does your baby use?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1437%

At age 15 months, approximately how many times a day does your baby make a sign?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1643%

At age 15 months, approximately how many words does your baby use regularly? That is, some babies use a word a lot for a few days and then never again. Don't count those for this question.Number:Percent:
more than 10012%

At age 15 months, approximately how many words have had ever heard your baby use? This includes even words that the baby used just once.Number:Percent:
more than 10012%
(not entered)12%

How many months old was the baby for his or her first word?Number:Percent:
none yet!12%
(not entered)1027%

Comments about speech?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2362%
At the moment he 'talks' all day long, to himself and to us. He makes sounds in a completely conversational way, complete with hand gestures, but they are meaningless. I think he is practising making sounds and won't be surprised if one day it suddennly turns into words.12%
First word: Mamma. Then Dada, Wow, Oh, Aqua
(water), uh-oh, many animal sounds (dog,
monster/lion/tiger, Santa, snake, monkey) Hello,
bye-bye, night-night, oh-da (what's that?), bump,
poo-poo, bang,
He only says Mamom.12%
I have the feeling that two things are true:
First of all, that many babies are more verbal than James. Secondly, that we are missing many of his words because we think they are gibberish, but they are the same gibberish over and over.
I'm not sure when she actually said Da Da meaning DH, as opposed to babbling so I'm not sure when her first word was.12%
I'm unsure of exactly when his first word was.12%
It's really hard to say when Arlo said his first word. He was making "da-da-da" noises forever before we thought it was associated with his Daddy. It's hard to say when the change occurred. And sometimes we are still not sure he means "Daddy" when he says "da-da".12%
Jake has an excellent vocabulary, he picks up new words daily, and even asks "what's this". I am constanly amazed, and I know this is not typical behaviour for 15 months.12%
Says short phrases - "What's that?" "See ya" "over there" "love you"
Repeats a lot of words we say.
She's a big time babbler and although she limits her actual words she does like to say: "What is That?"12%
Used first baby sign at 8 months for doggy.
Used to use the words dis (this) & dat(that) whilst pointing at objects but has since stopped doing that. Has no words just babbles.12%
Very talkative little fellow. I suspect there may be more words that we just don't understand.12%
we use baby signs and I feel it has made a world of difference in being able to not get frustrated wondering what he wants. It also hasn't slowed his use of his vocal cords, he is quite vocal :-)12%

5. Sleep!
How many hours does your baby's nighttime sleep cycle last? (If baby wakes for food and goes right back to sleep, count this as one long sleep.)Number:Percent:

How many times per night does your baby typically wake up for feedings?Number:Percent:
sleeps through1745%
3 times25%
more than 3 times25%
varies wildly25%
(not entered)12%

How many times does your baby take a nap in a typical day?Number:Percent:
(not entered)12%

How many hours does your baby spend napping in a typical day? (If your child takes more than one nap, add up the hours for all naps.)Number:Percent:

How many hours per day total does your baby spend sleeping (night sleep plus naps)?Number:Percent:

If your baby sleeps through the night, how many months old was he or she when this started?Number:Percent:
not yet!924%
(not entered)513%

Do you co-sleep?Number:Percent:
part of the night924%
all night616%

Does your baby sleep in a crib?Number:Percent:

Does your baby sleep on a futon? (For this question, baby's own mattress on the floor counts as a futon.)Number:Percent:
(not entered)410%

Does your baby sleep in his or her own bed? (That is, not with you.)Number:Percent:
(not entered)38%

Does baby sleep in his or her own room or in the parents' room?Number:Percent:
own room2362%
parents' room1027%

Comments about sleep?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2259%
Even though he sleeps through, the current problem is pre-5.30am waking for the day. Yawn.12%
Good sleeper!12%
Had a brief period of poor sleep after an illness at about 9mo, did sleep training at 10mo and went back to sleeping through again after 2 nights.12%
Has slept through the night on and off since he was 3 months old. Mostly does not sleep through the night. 12%
He still wakes up at least once a night, enough that he comes and gets us, but does not eat during the wake up. he typically goes to sleep quite quickly again.12%
I can't believe how long it's been since I slept through the night. Sigh.12%
She sleeps through about 90% of the time, but will wake during the night occasionally. She sleeps in her own room in her crib, but if she has a bad night, or is sick, she'll sleep with us. Her naps last anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 1/2 hours.12%
She started out co-sleeping and we moved her to her crib at 5 mos. when she started to roll over and begin getting more mobile.12%
Starting the night in his own room since 2 weeks
ago. He still wakes up when he comes up to light
sleep and needs to be nursed back to sleep,
usually comes into our bed at this t
We are still working on Jake sleeping trough the night, he has cut back to just one waking, this is good.12%
We have a crib set up but it's hardly ever used. Wasn't even put up until he was about seven months old. this was mainly to have a safe place to put him when he was smaller. We will probably put it away soon.12%
We'eve always had a great sleeper!12%
We're blessed!12%
never been an issue. We did let him cry when he first went to bed.12%
starts out in the living room on the floor, we move her to her crib when we go to bed then when she wakes around 4 we bring her to our bed until we get up at 5:30. She stays there until 6:30 when we wake her.12%

6. Favorites
What are your baby's favorite toys?Number:Percent:
(not entered)616%
An old camera with batteries installed to make it 'usable', any outside type toy, Lego - he plays with almost all of his toys.12%
Anything he can push.12%
Anything in the kitchen. Bucket and spade,
anything to stack, things to push around the
house, BOOKS, letters that go on the floor
Balls, puzzles, shape sorters12%
Balls. Push and pull toys.12%
Blue's Clue's Video's, Books12%
Books, anything you can drop in the bathtub, walking (okay, so that's not a toy, but wow does he love it), rings to spin, a MagnaDoodle. Whatever toy is newest is best.12%
Bumble Ball,12%
Castle ball pounder. Dolls,doll bed and stroller. Kitchen, phone, and whatever his sister is playing with.12%
Crs, cars, cars and trucks. Balls12%
Her dolly, kitty doll and other toys of this sort, her "Pooh" Wagon, blocks and books.12%
Kiddie radio and play telephone12%
Lego i.e. Primo/Duplo
Pots, pans, baking trays
Musical train, blocks, balls, anything he can carry around with him.12%
Shape sorters, stackers, puzzles, pots and pans and kitchenware, phones12%
Stacking dump truck
Rolling rattle truck
Stacking cups
Stacking shapes (sense a theme?)
Mega Bloks
Teething rings, chew toys, musical toys, spoons12%
Tickle-Me Elmo, indoor plastic slide, lawnmower toy, wooden blocks, toy police car, rocking horse, soccer and footballs.12%
Toys w/ balls and loud noises12%
Tricycle, rocking horse, blanket, keyboard12%
balls, books, cool whip containers, bubbles, slides, just about anything she can get her hands on.12%
balls, telephones, stuffed dogs and pigs. He doesn't like stuffed animals that move on thier own. 12%
books, anything that isn't a toy is her favorite toy. she loves pens, phones, and remote controls.12%
books, balls and 2 trucks that he can get beind and push around the room12%
legos, little people, phones, pens (although she's not supposed ot have them), her blow up chair12%
little tikes slide, plastic utensils, her bear, the pop up toy, the fisher prices rings, the little tikes car and of course, any telephone!12%
ride-on jeep, stacking rings, dollies12%

What are your baby's favorite books?Number:Percent:
(not entered)616%
"Baby's First Words" by Lars Wik.
"Barnyard Dance" by Sandra Boynton.
"Who Says Quack?"
"At The Shore" by Margaret Miller
"D.W.'s Colors" (has flaps to lift!)
"Where's Willy?" by Martha someone
...and probably lots of others that I'm forgetting. He likes lots of books.
"Do you know new?'; "I like it when...";12%
"touch and feel" books12%
ABC Sesame Street, Winnie the Pooh12%
Anything with animals12%
Are you my mother, Hide from Wibbly Pig, Seuss
ABC, Jesse Bear, Going to Bed Book, Thank You God
pop-up, Moo Baa Lala
Bark, George, anything by Sandra Boynton, his own book of pictures of his family12%
Big Red Barn, anything Dr. Seuss, anything Clifford, Good Night Moon, really likes Eyewitness picture books12%
Boynton, DK Faces and football books, lift the flap books12%
Cheep Cheep, Feely Bugs12%
Doggies, Goodnight Moon, Baby Faces12%
Fluffy Chick, and little bird12%
Fuzzytail Friends Lift-And-Look Animal Book12%
Goodnight Baby, Baby's Colors--any book with real pictures of babies, touch and feel books, photo albums.12%
Goodnight Moon.12%
Goodnight Moon
Touch and Feel books
Moo Baa La La La
Baby's Colors
Inside, Outside, Upside Down
Green Eggs & Ham, Moo, Baa, La, La, La!, Goodnight Moon, and Mr. Brown can Moo.12%
Lots of pictures12%
Loves Sandra Boynton books12%
Loves all books.
Telephone Ted
Spot Goes to the Farm
Kapai the Kiwi
Moo Baa La La La
most other Boynton
Mr Brown Can Moo, Can You?
In A People House
Who Hops?
Sandra Boynton12%
Sandra Boynton books, Arthur books, mom's magazines with all the pretty pictures.12%
The Mitten, Barnyard Dance, Go Dogs Go.12%
Thomas the Train 12%
anything daddy reads to him12%
boynton and her farm animal ones.12%
can you sing
can you hop
bark, george
a small board book that has photos of animals
pat the bunny, first words book, the touch and feel books.12%

What are your baby's favorite foods?Number:Percent:
(not entered)616%
Anything that's food. Chicken, noodles, apple sauce, yogurt. She'll actually eat almost anything and doens't seem to have a preference12%
Apple Sauce12%
Bananas & yoghurt in particular but likes anything really12%
Cheerios, taquitos and salsa, mashed potatoes, graham crackers and milk12%
Crackers. Apples.12%
Everything but sauerkraut!12%
Hot dogs, chicken nuggets, Banana, toast, chocolate :)12%
Lasagna, Potatoes, Grilled Cheese12%
Loves carrots (but they give him diaper rash)
Crackers, especially sweet ones, like grahams
most fruit
Mac & Cheese12%
Macaroni and cheese, grapes, bananas, soft tacos12%
Olives; toast; sultanas; tomatoes; peas; corn.12%
Pasta, cereal, french toast, any meat12%
Spagetti, steak, pasta of any kind, fruits, peanutbutter, icecream12%
Strawberries, i12%
Sweet potatoes, fruit and cereal bars, steak, lasagna, and anything mom is eating.12%
Watermelon, raisens12%
What she eats everyday!12%
bananas, raisins in the little red boxes, multi-grain crackers12%
cheese, bananas, marshmallows, crackers12%
cheese, pizza, peas, corn12%
chicken nuggets
goldfish crackers
fruit (bananas, apples, nectarines, pear, kiwi)
french fries
fruit, crackers12%
hard to say, likes chocolate flavored cereals a lot. used to like banana but usually throws that now.12%
mac and cheese, applesauce, yogurt, and anything
mommy is eating that she is not.
pizza, mango, pear, apple, johnny marzetti, yogurt, goldfish12%
rice, pasta, yogurt12%
turkey, goldfish, potatoes, crackers/biscuits12%
yoghurt, green beans, ham and asperagus casserole, pancakes, almost any pasta12%
yoghurt, peaches12%

Who are your baby's favorite people?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%
1) Dad
2) Mom
3) Grandpa
4) Grandma
Daddy and Carri one of his daycare teachers.12%
Daddy, Mom, Daycare ladies12%
Daddy, Mommy, brother Ben, sister Sian (doesn't see her too often)12%
His parents and his dog.12%
Mama, Daddy, any other baby he sees12%
Me! And then his 2 babysitters, who he loves, his
Daddy, his granny, his playgroup friends - he is a
very sociable child, always going up to strangers
and making friends with th
Me, daddy, paternal grandmother, maternal grandfather, paternal great-grandmother12%
Me, my mother, my aunt, his father, and my father.12%
Mom & Dad12%
Mom and Dad12%
Mom and sister12%
Mommy & Dad12%
Mommy & Daddy, her babysitters and their children and when she sees him (maybe 1-2 times a year) her 3 y.o. cousin Kyle.12%
Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Kay, cousins Sadie & Sophie12%
Mommy, Daddy, Grandma12%
Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Auntie, and Grandpa12%
Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa, Sneaky (cat people!)12%
Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa, Grandma, and Melissa (and anyone even close to her size)12%
Mommy, Daddy, and Liz the babysitter. Actually, he likes *everybody*.12%
Mommy, daddy and big sister.12%
Ritu (Mommy's friend)
Asha (Ritu's baby)
Jake loves people!!
Mum, Dad & Grandma12%
Our puppy12%
mom, dad, big brother12%
mom, dad, nana and uncle Greg12%
mommy, daddy and flopper (dog)12%
mommy, daddy, amy (the sitter), grandma, mommies
friend lee.
mommy, daddy, siblings12%
parents, any other kids, grandparents12%

What are your baby's favorite activities?Number:Percent:
(not entered)821%
"reading" to me, going to the park, swinging, running around outdoors, playing with the dog, rough-housing, bath time12%
Being read to, going to the park, riding around on
Daddy's shoulders, nursing, being around groups of
people, opening cupboards/drawers and taking
things out, stacking, dancing to music, pouring
(water, sa
Going for a walk in the stroller; playing with water in the yard; playing on the sand at the beach; playing ball.12%
Going for a walk
Playing on the playground toys
Opening, closing & emptying drawers
Sitting boxes
"Folding laundry" (or unfolding!)
Knocking down Lego towers
Reading books
Making noises - knocking, banging, drumming
Games with body parts e.g This little Piggy & Round and round the garden
Putting objects in & out of container, "posting" things
Peek-a-boo, walking outside12%
Playing with cars, going for a drive, going for a walk, Being with daddy12%
Raiding the kitchen cupboards of pots, pans and tupperware. Chasing the dogs. Reading his books "outloud" to himself and us.12%
Reading, running around the house, going shopping, eating out12%
Running, Chasing the Cat12%
Running, climbing, wrestling, playing outside, getting into mischief and terrorizing our pets. She enjoys Blues Clues, too (Phew!).12%
Slides, riding on his tricycle, going out, running outside, petting animals, trying to get into the turtle tank at the mall, turning the stereo volume all the way up, trying to play with Daddy's computer.12%
Swimming and playing with our dogs12%
Walking outside, swinging (outside, not the baby swing), nursing, taking a bath or swimming.12%
Walking, playing in the sand, going to the pool12%
Walking, swinging, jumping, chasing the dogs and cat.12%
Walking, walking, walking. (He just started walking very recently, so this is still his big new toy.) Spinning plastic rings. (He can spin rings himself!) Reading books. Dropping objects into the empty bathtub. Taking a bath. Drawing on the MagnaDoodle. Erasing the MagnaDoodle. Going outside to walk on the sidewalk. Going for a drive. Playing hand-claping games or head-shoulders-knees-and-toes.12%
Watering the garden, chasing chickens, and going for rides in the car.12%
bath time, rocking with mommy, cleaning house12%
climbing, being chased, nursing, eating, playing with "big kids".12%
going outside!!!12%
loves to read, loves to take a bath, loves to run outside, play ball12%
nursing, playing with things listening to music, taking a bath12%
playing on her slide, playing with flopper (dog), taking a bath, blowing bubbles.12%
plugging things into jacks (like headphone jacks0, putting straw through holes, putting the caps onto pens. loves fine motor skill activities.12%
walking outside
going down the slide
chasing the cats
talking on the telephone
playing on the computer
walking/running around with something in her hand.
chasing the cat.
watching a ball bounce12%

7. Output
How many disposable diapers does your baby use in a typical day?Number:Percent:
more than 625%
(not entered)12%

How many cloth diapers does your baby use in a typical day?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1643%

How often does baby poop?Number:Percent:
more or less daily3286%
3-5 times per week38%
(not entered)25%

8. How big?
How many inches tall is your baby?Number:Percent:
(not entered)821%

...or, how many centimeters tall is your baby?Number:Percent:
(not entered)3491%

How many pounds does your baby weigh?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

...or, how many kilograms does your baby weigh?Number:Percent:
(not entered)3491%

What clothing size does your baby wear?Number:Percent:
6 months12%
12 months38%
18 months1335%
24 months1335%
(not entered)38%

What shoe size does your baby wear?Number:Percent:
(not entered)38%

Comments about sizes?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2978%
Don't know how tall or how much he weighs at the moment. was last measured in December. He was about 22 lbs and I forget how long he was12%
I kept hearing how sizes in baby clothes had nothing to do with the age of the actual baby, but actually my kid really does seem to correspond to the sizes. That is, at 12 months he fit 12-month sized clothes. However, he is in maybe the 5th percentile on the growth charts, so I can imagine that most babies need clothes that claim to be for older kids.12%
I ned more clothes :)12%
Nicholas is considered big for his age12%
She still fits into some 12 mos. sized clothes and depending on shoe style wears a 5 or 6 (a bit on the larger side- from her daddy- I swear :))12%
Until 9mths he was usually in smaller sized clothes; since then he has been in the right size for his age. he has never worn anything 'older' than he currently is.12%
Wears 2yo clothes - 2T not available here
actual shoes are French size 5 when measured was 6 1/2
kids clothes must be made small as she is off the bottom of the chart but wears the size for her age.12%

9. Appearance and Clothing
Has your baby's hair color changed since birth? If so, how?Number:Percent:
(not entered)616%
Blonde, since birth12%
Definitely lightened since birth. Was really dark brown, now lighter brown (closer to mommy's color.)12%
Got hair! Hard to describe color, a light brown12%
Hair color lightened from black to medium brown.12%
If anything, the red has decreased somewhat and he is more blonde.12%
It has become stripey. Y'know, sun striped blond.12%
It has gotten a bit lighter. She went from brown/black hair to brown hair.12%
It has gotten lighter.12%
It is slightly darker, but still blonde12%
It's gotten darker.12%
It's lighter. Looked almost black at birth, now a medium brown. It may well look darker when he gets more of it.12%
No 12%
No. still brown12%
Still blonde.12%
Yes - it got darker12%
Yes! It got alot lighter!12%
Yes, it has deinitely lightened.12%
Yes, it was very dark at birth but has changed to match mine - light auburn12%
gotten lighter and reddish12%
hasn't changed since birth12%
it has stayed pretty much the same, blond12%
no, still blond12%
sandy brownish blond to sandy blond12%
started out dark brown/black like mine, now is auburn like daddy's12%
yes it has lighten up12%

...eye color?Number:Percent:
(not entered)513%
A little bit darker blue12%
Also eyes have gotten lighter. They are grey now, they used to be very dark green/blue-ish.12%
Blue eyes have stayed the same.12%
Blue to Brown12%
Blue to a bit Hazel, still not sure
what the color is
Darkened, but is still chestnut brown and not dark brown.12%
Eyes--stayed black.12%
Gray to Blueish/Hazel 12%
He still has beautiful blue eyes12%
He was born with blue eyes, but they quickly deepened to a chocolatey brown.12%
Her eye color is still changing. They were blue, but now the middle of her eyeis brown and the outside is blue, so I think they might be turing brown.12%
His eyes are exactly the same color.12%
His eyes were blue, noe they are a very dark brown12%
Much brighter blue12%
No change - still blue12%
No still big and blue12%
Still blue but I think a little darker.12%
They continue to get brighter.12%
They went from blue to brown.12%
blue to green and brown to blue green with flecks of brown12%
brown - but could be brown-gold hazel.12%
brown pretty much since he was born12%
his eyes are brown now12%
no still blue12%
no, still blue12%
started out blue now green with lots of other colored speckles12%
turned gray brown12% texture?Number:Percent:
(not entered)616%
About the same....strait and fine12%
Always been very thin/fine12%
Has remained the same...hard to tell whether it will be curly or straight.12%
He has hair all over but is "sprouting" a thicker mane from the back of his head - looks weird.12%
Is not as fine/wispy. Has a tendancy to curl if we let it get long enough.12%
It is thicker now, but is basically the same. I think.12%
Just Really fine.12%
Maybe a little coarser12%
Much different -- less fine, more textured.12%
So soft!12%
Started stick straight, getting wavier now.12%
Straight and fine but LOTS of hair. And messy in
the back
Straight to Wavy12%
The longer it gets, the curlier it is.12%
Thicker but still relatively sparse12%
Very little hair, very fine12%
fine, wavy12%
has become very curly, especially when it's humid. like his dad's hair12%
has gotten a bit thicker12%
less hair but more wavy12%
still pretty fine. was hoping she would get
daddy's curly hair
straight straight straight12%
very fine and thin12%
very soft and not too thick12%
very thick12%
very thin to very thick and curly12%
was quite sparse, has filled in nicely. It's soft on top but kind of wiry/frizzy in the back12%

How many haircuts has your baby had?Number:Percent:
(not entered)12%

How many months old was your baby for his or her first haircut?Number:Percent:
no haircuts yet!718%
(not entered)513%

Who usually cuts your baby's hair?Number:Percent:
professional haircutter1027%
a parent924%
(not entered)1848%

How much hair does your baby have?Number:Percent:
medium -- can still see scalp1745%
thin wisps410%
(not entered)718%

Do you prefer to dress your child inNumber:Percent:
gender neutral clothes38%
girlish clothes410%
boyish clothes1232%
some of everything1129%
(not entered)718%

For shirts, does your child mostly wearNumber:Percent:
bodysuits that snap at the crotch ('onesies')1951%
shirts that end at the waist1129%
(not entered)718%

For everyday clothes, does your baby mostly wearNumber:Percent:
one-piece outfits410%
a shirt and pants1745%
(not entered)924%

Does your baby wear shoes for most of the daytime?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

(not entered)2156%
Actually a grandparent usually does the haircutting
Only had one cut but badly needs another
As it's summer here he mostly wears either onesies or shorts with a t-shirt. I like to think that if he was a girl I'd dress her in mostly the same clothes.12%
Constantly losing shoes, or worse, one shoe from each pair.12%
He has a lot of clothing that I would definately use for our next child...boy or girl. Some things are definately BOY, but I try to keep those to a minimum.12%
He's always in shorts of some sort, or he'll take off his diaper.12%
I think Arlo may love his shoes. If they are not on his feet, he will pick them up and walk around holding them up in the air. Lately his job is closing the velcro on the shoes after we put them on his feet. He likes this job and takes it very seriously.12%
I try to limit shoe wearing for when we're out12%
Jke wears mostly sweat suits, easy on, easy off12%
She has not hair so we generally try to add something girlish to her. Even if it's overall, and girly shoes.12%
Summer here so usually a shirt and nappy only12%
Too difficult to change diapers with onesies on.12%
When we're at home, he wears his Robeez (very soft) around the house. If we go out (esp. in rain or snow) he'll wear a more solid shoe. He'll wear Robeez during the warm summer months.12%
as it's warm here at the moment, he frequently wears just a shirt and diaper.12%
she will wear shoes to go out. If we are still
in the house then she will be in her socks. When we get back from an outing we will leave her in her shoes.
shoes are robeez.12%
wears a variety of one piece and two piece outfits.
wears robeez shoes not hard baby shoes

10. Mother's Work
Is mom a stay at home mom or working at a paying job?Number:Percent:
paying job1951%
(not entered)821%

If mom works at a paying job, how many hours per week?Number:Percent:
more than 4025%
(not entered)1745%

Is baby in daycare?Number:Percent:
(not entered)924%

If so, how many hours per week?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2772%

If baby is in daycare, how many months old was he or she when starting daycare?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2772%

(not entered)2670%
"Daycare" is at Grandma's house, so it's not the 'typical' day care.12%
Baby has a babysitter 6-9 hours each week while we parental types do work. The sitter is only here 3 days a week -- I wish it were more!12%
Co-parents looks after him fulltime at home.12%
Daycare is with Grandma.12%
Don't use daycare, grandmother babysits for the day12%
Goes to daycare 2 times per week and loves it. Screeches with joy when we pull in the parking lot. I LOVE my daycare as they have a theme and lesson planned for each day!12%
I work from home, and it is hard to comment on how many hours a week as it varies wildly from week to week depending on what is going on.12%
Only recently started going to daycare full-time.12%
She stays home with daddy, or if he's busy goes over to Grandmas12%
Watched by two babysitters at home. Great peace of
started daycare on her two month birthday.
loves to play with the other kids.

11. Mother's Body
Are you pregnant again after your December 98 baby was born, or have you had another baby after your December 98 baby?Number:Percent:
(not entered)821%

If so, how many months old will your December 98 baby be when the new baby is born, or, if the baby has been born, how old was your December 98 baby?Number:Percent:
(not entered)3286%

If you are not pregnant again and haven't had another baby, is your body back to the way it was before your pregnancy with your December 98 baby?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1232%

If your December 98 baby has older siblings, is your body back to the way it was before you had any babies?Number:Percent:
(not entered)3183%

If your body isn't back the way it was, how was it changed by pregnancy?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2259%

  • My belly still looks 4 months pregnant (boo hoo!)
  • I still have a linea nigra. My mom still has one thirty-something years after giving birth, so I guess my linea nigra may be permanent too.
  • I still sometimes ache when I sit on a hard floor.
  • My breasts are bigger and covered in stretch marks. The stretch marks were angry purple lines for a while, but now many of them have faded to silver or white. Woo-hoo.
  • I'm still 12-15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Maybe when my baby is weaned I'll lose some weight. Yeah!
A 'spare tyre' of fat around the abdomen. Much larger breasts due to still breastfeeding.12%
Extra skin at stomach and wider hips - fit into my old clothes though12%
I am heavier on the hips and tummy12%
I am pregnant again, but my body was back to the way it was before I got pregant again.12%
I have everything back except my boobs! These ones are smaller & stretched out :-(!12%
I have strech marks and a bit of a pouch12%
I still need to lose 15-20 lbs to be at pre-pregnancy weight.12%
I'm still 15 lbs heavier12%
I've got a sizable "pouch" that (I think) makes me look pregnant.12%
Still have a protruding lower stomach12%
Still working on losing the weight. Breasts are bigger as well.12%
Stomach is bigger.
breasts more unequal in size
all mishapen around the middle. Hard to buy pants because of the bulge I have been carrying around all these years.12%
weight more12%

Do you still have a linea nigra?Number:Percent:
(not entered)924%

Does your abdomen still look a few months pregnant?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1232%

If you tore during delivery, does it still hurt or otherwise feel different than it did?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2464%

Ditto if you had an episiotomy but did not tear?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2670%

Ditto if you had an episiotomy *and* tore?Number:Percent:
(not entered)3286%

If you had a c-section, does your scar still itch or hurt or feel weird?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2875%

Comments about long-term healing?Number:Percent:
(not entered)3286%
All better! :)12%
C-section scar still feels funny but is not so obvious. it has also faded a bit but I can still see it quite well12%
I have a bad keloid scar from the c-section which still is itchy and sore.12%
My c-section scar is verticle and was operated on at 3 months post partum because there was some problems. It looks *really weird*12%
c-section scar still itches sometimes, though less frequently, the scar is still changing - becoming less lumpy and obvious. I still don't like the scar being touched. Tends to be more irritable when menstruating.12%

12. Siblings
If your child has siblings, how are they getting along? How is the older child reacting?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2978%
's older sister(18), thinks he is adorable, she wishes she could visit more. Ben loves his brother, mostly :) some rivaly, but we usualy work it out.12%
Get along pretty well. Big brother loves him and frequently plays with him. He follows his brother around when he is not clinging to mom and dad.12%
She has a half sister who loves to play with her, and likes to have her around. Although there are definate times when she'll tell her dad she wants to do something without the baby.12%
She is 6 years older than he is, and they get along VERY well. She adores him, and he adores her. I feel VERY lucky in this regard.12%
Still adjusting to the change. "He gets all the attention"12%
The older child is doing better with her new sibling - now that they can actually play together. My Dec 98 baby is now able to defend himself against his older sister and does so regularly. This has helped to decrease the physical battles between them.12%
Two step-siblings - Melissa is 12, Tommy is 912%
they love each other yet can be jealous at times12%

Any tips for smoothing sibling interactions?Number:Percent:
(not entered)3594%
When the older child needs something while you are caring for the younger one, ask them to be patient you will get to them as oon as you have finished....... always do what you romised to do. Another tip, if you can, try to hve every need met, before you sit to B/F etc. e.g. have a snack to hand, or a juice.12%
let the older ones help you with taking care of the new baby (like getting diapers)12%

13. Sociability
How often does your baby spend time with other children?Number:Percent:
once a month or less410%
once a week1027%
twice a week410%
3-5 times a week513%
several times a day25%
(not entered)718%

What is your baby's interaction with other children like?Number:Percent:
(not entered)1232%
Daycare and toddler gymnastics12%
Great fun!12%
Hard to say, infreqent contact. He has become a bit withdrawn lately so he mainly just watches other kids.12%
He *loves* older children. He is coy but interested in kids the same age and he is very gentel with them.12%
He gives them his toys, whatever's in his hand, he'll hand over.12%
He is an observer. He's starting to play more with other children, now that he is in a care center where the children are his own age and want to play with him.12%
He plays nicely with and along side other children. He shares very well and knows to wait his turn.12%
He seems a bit intimidated.12%
Interested in them, likes to touch their faces, likes to play with whatever they have!!12%
Loves to see other children and plays near them12%
Mostly he plays alongside them, doesn't yet know how to interact. But he is watching them closely. He wants to do whatever the other kids are doing. He's had a few tussles with other kids over toys. It used to be that other kids could just grab toys away from him and he would sit there going, "duh", but now he is starting to hang onto the toys better and, alas, even grab toys away from other children.

Last week he saw another child climbing on the furniture and promptly started doing it too. Yikes!
Mostly he watches, sometimes he goes over to say hello12%
Seems to get along with other children well. 12%
She likes to play with her cousin that is younger than her and have wrestling matches, but other than that she doesn't seem to pay to much attention to other kids, she plays with her own things, or steels toys, but doens't really interact with other kids.12%
She mainly wants to wrestle with them, but otherwise interacts very well.12%
She's very curious about other kids, but doesn't have much direct contact.12%
They are starting to be more aware of each other.
It is funny to watch! They take each other's sippy
cups/food and sometimes offer it. Often interested
in the same toy but don't really play together.
Not too much possessiveness yet, it will c
Very Good!12%
We take him to the playground and he runs around like a maniac, imitating the big kids."12%
good. she loves other children.12%
parallel play then occassionally notice each other12%
she loves to play with kids and is fasinated by them whereever we go.12%
typically they do side by side play. He likes to be around other children though, so I am looking for a play group for us. 12%
usually good, sometimes bossy12%

How many of baby's relatives live nearby?Number:Percent:
1-2 people410%
3-5 people38%
6-10 people513%
11 or more people410%
(not entered)821%

How often does your baby see his or her relatives other than parents or siblings?Number:Percent:
once a month or less1745%
once a week616%
twice a week12%
(not entered)718%

(not entered)2670%
All relatives live in the UK. Jacob has only met 1 grandfather to date, he came here.12%
All relatives too far away :-( , about 7,000
Aunt Kay babysits during the day12%
DH's parents are deceased and my parents live 2.5 hours away. My SIL lives with us when she's home from college, but that's rare.12%
Grandparents are wonderful!12%
I WISH his grandparents lived closer to us. I would really like him to know them better.12%
I would love to live closer to home so Jake could know his family better12%
My aunt (his great-aunt) lives next door and comes over every night for dinner.12%
She is lucky to see a relative about every 4-6 mos.! Usually each relative about once a year.12%
my mother makes a point to either visit us or have us visit her about every 6 weeks. She is a wonderful help!12%
sees uncle 2-3 times a month and grandparents at least once a month.12%

14. Activities
At age 15 months, do you (or the baby) brush baby's teeth regularly?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

At age 15 months, does baby like being read to?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

At age 15 months, does baby like to look at books on his or her own?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

At age 15 months, does baby object to having his or her hair washed?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

At age 15 months, does baby enjoy baths?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

Does baby mostly:Number:Percent:
co-bathe with a parent513%
bathes alone1643%
some of both924%
(not entered)718%

Is baby allowed to use the computer?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

Is your computer room mostly baby-safe? That is, is the computer area set up so that you can send e-mail or join the chat room while baby plays?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

How many nights have you spent apart from your baby?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

(not entered)2978%
Developed a fear of baths recently - before that, she had no problem with baths or having hair washed.12%
It is tough to even get a night out without any family nearby.12%
Re: being read to -- At this age, he typically wants to take the book from me and tries to read to me. Attention span is very short.12%
The only nights I've spent apart from her she was with my parents while I was in the hospital.12%
Until my job search started (he was 13 mos), I hadn't spent a single night away from him and don't expect to spend any more away for a long time. The computer area isn't exactly baby-proof but we have an open floor plan so I can see him play a few feet away while I type.12%
Used to love baths but is terrified of them lately.12%
she is not allowed to use our current computer, but we are setting one up for her (our old one)
once we get a monitor for it.
trying to work on being more regular about brushing her teeth.12%

15. Health
Are you having your baby immunized?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

How often has your baby been sick?Number:Percent:
1-2 times924%
3-5 times924%
6-10 times821%
more than 10 times38%
(not entered)718%

How many colds has your child had?Number:Percent:
more than 1512%
(not entered)718%

How many ear infections has your child had?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

How many times has your child been on antibiotics?Number:Percent:
more than 1512%
(not entered)718%

Does your baby have asthma?Number:Percent:
(not entered)821%

Has your child had to take any medications? If so, what, and why?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2567%
Antibiotics and prescription decongestants, etc., as well as OTC decongestants12%
Antibiotics for ear infections or impetigo12%
Antibiotics for ear infections.12%
No. Well, just vitamins, and we haven't been very good about sticking with those.

Other than that, we've had immunizations and some oral Vitamin K soon after he was born.
Nothing prescribed12%
Only antibiotics for sinus infection.12%
Other than antibiotics, no.12%
Pure iron supplement due to severe anaemia (hb 6) at age 5 - 11 months.12%
Two different kinds of antibiotic to kill one double ear infection.12%
antibiotics for an ear infection, the occasional Tylenol and antihistamine a couple times for allergies12%
antiobiotics for sinus/ear infection and one other ear infection both after the age of 13 months.12%
vitamin with iron for mild anemia (which has resolved12%

Has your child had any injuries? If so, what?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2362%
Bumps and bruises12%
Dog bite at daycare12%
Head concussion from hitting glass edge of coffee table at friend's house. He made a dive for the food tray on the table and smacked head first.12%
Just bumps and bruises for the most part. One small cut on her forehead, and one cut on her tongue. :o(12%
Just little boo-boos. Nothing serious.12%
No major injuries (requiring medical attention), but MANY minor ones.12%
She had hair wrapped around her toe, and it was cutting the circulation off on her toe.
She's had too many cuts and scrapes to count including a black eye at 6 months.
We dropped him on the pavement -- Dad tripped and fell with James in his arms and scraped the side of his face pretty badly. It's totally healed, but when he is warm, that side of his face gets more pink where the scar was.12%
feel off the bed and has been bit by his brother twice12%
hit her head on the bed frame and still has scar tissue from it.12%
just little bumps12%
split lip and bruised cheeks from falls but nothing requiring treatment12%

How many times has your child visited the emergency room?Number:Percent:
(not entered)718%

Has your child ever been hospitalized? If so, why?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2567%
A few days after birth, for jaundice.12%
Admitted for paediatric assessment of high fever but discharged within the hour12%
For the first month of his life, due to prematurity and low birthweight.12%
Yes, one week after she was born. She wasn't eating and was jaundiced.12%
Yes--at 2 weeks- they thought he had pyloric stenosis. We got to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas in the hospital.12%
at 3 days she was hospitalized for jaundice, and blood infection12%
yes. she had pneumonia at 9 months and she has bladder reflux12%

Has your child had any surgery? If so, what and why?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2772%
Yes - ear tube placement12%
Yes, day-surgery to remove congenital extra thumb.12%

Comments about health?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2772%
Basically a healthy child, although he does seem to contract colds at the drop of a hat.12%
Generally pretty good. First illness at 10mo but getting them more frequently as socialises with other children more.12%
He gets sick too often, and he always has a runny nose. He's had recurring staph infections, resulting in facial impetigo once and diaper impetigo three times. We are meticulously clean with him, but my (Julie's) family has a history of recurring staph infections. It appears he has inherited this tendency, poor guy.12%
He is very healthy.12%
I can't believe we've made it to 15 months without an ear infection!12%
I think she has been incredibly healthy especially considering she has been in daycare 13 out of 15 months 5 days a week.12%
In general he has been remarkably healthy given his shaky start.12%
Overall she is very healthy, just seems to get runny noses quite frequently.12%
Pretty good health. he wheezes at night when it's cold but has been pretty healthy the last couple months (other than teething)12%
it seems whenever i think she has something serious, it's nothing, and whenever i think it's nothing, it's serious.12%

16. Misc.
Have you started a college fund?Number:Percent:
(not entered)821%

17. Thank you!
Any comments about your child or about this survey?Number:Percent:
(not entered)2978%
Cool-can't wait to see results.12%
Great job Valerie! Thanks!12%
Great job, Valerie, as always!
I can't wait to see the results. Thanks for taking the time to organize this, Valerie!12%
I had fun.12%
I love being a parent, and this list has made me a better parent by far!12%
Isn't motherhood wonderful?12%
She's the light of my life.12%

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